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Consider your job as a mode of transport. You get onto this to reach your destination. If it breaks down, you don't just wait and complain, you find another vehicle and continue your journey.

The most important part is, You need to know the destination.

This is interesting thought. If you were to ask your self, where do you see yourself in next 2 or 3 or 5 yr, what would be your response?  (by the way This was a standard question in interviews with a standard answer). This one here is in the context of your own life and career.  You are not answering this question to a potential employer so that you can get that job. You are answering this to yourself so that you know whether you want to accept this job or not. This puts you in a different position altogether.

Is it some place you want to be, it is a specific line of work you want to get into or you want to be an author for example. What ever it is , only you can decide that for yourself. Once you decide, see if your job helps you to get there. You need to do this at every stop of the journey. If it is not helping you, you need to find another vehicle.

This is not an easy task. You will be working towards your goal so you need to put in time and effort. If your destination is far, you may have to break it down in smaller stops like your real life journey.  If it is close by and you can not think too far, decide your next stop once you reach this one. Just don't roam around without thinking where you want to go. That may or may not take you anywhere and you end up moving in a circle.

If you haven't thought about it, may be its the time.

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